The family business icon behind a post-pandemic smart city

Forum UnternehmerTUM

Susanne Klatten, a member of the family who controls BMW, is backing one of the most innovative city sustainable and venture initiatives in Europe, revealing her ongoing commitment to cutting edge technologies, often with a link to social/sustainable efforts.

Klatten, who according to Forbes has a fortune close to $30 billion, linked to her 19% stake in the carmaker BMW, has backed the Munich-based UnternehmerTUM, one of the biggest startup ecosystems in Europe.

The group is behind Munich Urban Colab, which has just opened its doors in the German city, and is designed to link venture initiatives, investors, the city’s authorities, and the local community together in an effort to create a post-pandemic smart city, with an emphasis on sustainability.

The initiative is one of the biggest of its type in the world, and Klatten, according to local media sources, has given around €38 million of her own money to back the efforts.

The member of the Quandt family who owns the biggest share in BMW, Klatten has often backed new and interesting technology initiatives. Through her investment office, SKion, Klatten committed a massive $300 million a few years ago to Landa Digital Printing, a 3D nano printing venture set up by one of Israel’s most successful entrepreneurs,  Benny Landa.

And earlier this year, SKion took a minority stake in SouthWestSensor, a UK-based group developing a nanodroplet-based sensing platform for medical and environmental applications.


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