Michael Foster

Billionaire families, and their wealthy friends, are set to drive Selfridges, the UK-based department store chain, upmarket with the help of real estate deals and omnichannel shopping, where sales are…
A record $30 billion of venture capital flooded into digital assets this year, adding momentum to an already buoyant sector
The Bonnier family of Sweden is standing up for vertical farms by participating in a $200 million fundraising by Infarm of Europe. So too is the German Haniel family dynasty
Some might see litter blowing along the beaches of Zanzibar as a problem. Martin Rex Empacher, chief executive of YardHouse Capital views it as an opportunity
This year brought little cheer to stocks in the MSCI emerging markets index, down - 4.4 % in the year to November against a 16.8% jump in its global equivalent
In 2021, US family offices expressed a strong preference for real estate deals in secondary locations at the expense of prime municipalities
The growing wealth, and expertise, of family offices, have added rocket fuel to the European tech-driven venture capital sector, according to its cheerleader Atomico
Father and son team, Kevin and Lukas Czinger, have created a hypercar that could undermine Elon Musk’s reputation as the sector's top innovator.
Unprepossessing in appearance, fungi have taken a billion years for their potential to be recognised by family offices backing their use in alternative medicines, food, fabrics and building materials
The growing complexity of family businesses is creating disputes between their beneficiaries, according to a survey by Step, the association for family advisers
Jordan Shlain, founder of Private Medical, is baffled by people who are wealthy enough to access top-quality healthcare, but don’t get round to using it.
The post-pandemic real estate sector has revived, or so it seems. Global fund inflows hit a record $757 billion in the first nine months of 2021. But doubts remain. The pandemic may not be over