Michael Foster

Film director Jeffrey Katzenberg has renewed his love affair with cybersecurity to invest in Socket, which sets out to protect its clients against threats unwittingly delivered via systems operated by…
A team chaired by a former head of the UN global wildlife programme is seeking seed capital from family offices to invest in  African wildlife parks.
Over the years, family offices have learned to be wary of advisers peddling investments which pay them the highest commission. Advisers can also act slowly when markets start moving the wrong way
When the going gets tough, the tough get buying. The Agnelli family’s Exor has confirmed eight VC deals in 2023, twice its batting rate last year, including $2.8 billion put into Dutch conglomerate Philips. 
Private assets will continue to grow in importance to family offices, despite the recent downturn, according to Chris Mays, a partner at US tax-driven consulting firm Armanino
The recovery in US stock market sentiment has brought the SPAC market roaring back to life, with agreement struck on 30 deals since the start of June, when AI hysteria and lower inflation led to a broader…
ChatGPT triggered a panic over the impact of AI nine months ago, and no one knows what will happen next
Amid grim forecasts of a climate apocalypse, family offices continue to invest in a low-carbon future, by providing early capital for green ventures. And progress is happening faster than you might think
India is developing a tech-driven international hub for family offices capable of winning offshore business from Singapore and Dubai
After 30 years building up private equity firm EQT for Sweden's Wallenberg family, its chairman Conni Jonsson is developing his own family office, Qarlbo
Italy is drifting towards corporate upheaval due to succession practices which have contributed to the failure of business patriarchs to develop durable succession plans, prior to their death
Family-owned Stronach Group has backed the development of a platform which gives investors the chance to buy shares in racehorses