Michael Foster

In ancient times, storytellers took a dim view of characters who rated their abilities higher than the gods. Sisyphus was condemned to rolling a boulder up a hill for eternity
Roelof Botha has chosen to swap his role as UK head of family offices at wealth adviser Stonehage Fleming for a greater challenge as client advice director at Sutton Place UK, part of a Getty family office
The surge in Zoom calls during the early months of the pandemic was only the start, according to Microsoft, which says online meetings are continuing to break records
Unfazed by market unrest, VerSe Innovation, the Indian social media group, has raised $805 million from international investors in its latest funding round
A hole in the ground 20 kilometres deep could be one answer to a new call from the United Nations for the development of technology to prevent catastrophic climate change
Cyber-security looks like a winner for quantum software outfit Sandbox AQ, and its bevy of billionaire backers, following Alphabet’s decision to spin it off. 
Global investment solutions provider Russell Investments, best known for providing advice to institutions, is developing plans to offer services to family offices and wealthy individuals
Entrepreneur Michael Dell recently said: “I don’t know why people aren’t more curious, and why curiosity isn’t considered a more important leadership trait.” It certainly hasn’t done Dell any harm.  In his te
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has warned that loan funds, often favoured by family offices as a source of income, are vulnerable to a fall
It is hard to discern the grinding of gears in macro-economic strategies over the noise of gunfire in Ukraine. The only certainty is future uncertainty
A new generation of real estate entrepreneurs in the UK has won the backing of their family offices to create a £100 million business called Gen Two involved in the creation of life science parks and …