Michael Foster

Eton Solutions, a developer of cloud-based technology platforms for family offices, has raised $38 million from private equity firm Navis Capital Partners to fund its global expansion, with the help of…
Following a series of setbacks for venture capital, real estate has reasserted its position as top investment for family offices, where it comprises nearly 30% of US portfolios
Italian billionaire Leonardo Del Vecchio once remarked: “I could never get enough.” Sadly, now he never will. 
Family offices are fighting to stay on the front foot by saving money where they can, while retaining staff capable of preserving their capital in difficult circumstances
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Henry Kravis, Justin Mateen and Anupam Mittal are among the wealthy investors who see a bright outcome for companies rewarding their clients for predicting the future
Company founder Chris Sier is planning to raise money for ClearGlass, a company which uses its database to help clients negotiate cuts in the fees they pay to asset managers
The $30 trillion ESG movement is in torment as arguments rage over how funds should be structured and stay relevant in the wake of the market crash and war in Ukraine
Crypto hedge funds face challenging times following a collapse in digital currencies triggered by rising inflation and interest rates. The sector saw a fall of -37
German family office chief Philipp Lennertz learned to be wary of the advice which banks offered to their wealthy clients at an early age
“The last decade has been a supercycle for private banks and asset managers, but the bull market is coming to an end,” says Decisive Capital Management founder Elie Chamat, out to replicate the success of …
As market volatility takes off, three families have put their faith in a strategic model renowned for its outperformance before growth stocks seized the agenda a decade ago