Michael Foster

A tech-driven manufacturing venture called Stilride has raised seed capital from a string of wealthy Swedish investors to develop products using robots to bend metal into shape, using a similar approach…
Research by former family office executive Brian Laung Aoaeh has said investors can benefit from forging partnerships with venture capital firms, rather than trying to fly solo
Family offices led by Louis Bacon's Moore Strategic Ventures have played a key role in raising $1.4 billion for Sierra Space, top of a fourth quarter VC fundraising table compiled by investor Space Capital
For years, passive strategies have been capturing business from active managers because they are cheap to run and outperform.  Family offices often use indexed funds to save fees and invest in alternatives.
In his day, the late Lord Arnold Weinstock was a colossus of postwar industrial life in the UK. His acquisitions and thrift made GEC the UK’s leading defence and electronics contractor. 
Danny Manu, founder of wireless headphone developer CEH Technologies, is hoping to launch a fundraising in April, after years of graft
Robert Sears saw how boom can suddenly turn to bust when he was associate at investment bank Merrill Lynch, either side of the great financial crisis of 2008
Carbon capture venture LanzaTech is studying its IPO options following a decision by the Mittal family, a global steel producer, to invest in the business
Central banks have resisted the lure of bitcoin and lifted their gold reserves to levels not seen since 1990
Family offices and their advisers are flocking to platforms run by iCapital Network and its peers which give investors access to top private equity and hedge fund managers
Billionaire families, and their wealthy friends, are set to drive Selfridges, the UK-based department store chain, upmarket with the help of real estate deals and omnichannel shopping, where sales are…
A record $30 billion of venture capital flooded into digital assets this year, adding momentum to an already buoyant sector