Michael Foster

There is no shortage of equity managers, on both sides of the Atlantic, who cite Warren Buffett as an influence over their investment strategy
It’s not unusual for the US stock market to be driven by the performance of a few big growth stocks.
Nearly a hundred years ago, on 11 August 1919, Andrew Carnegie passed away, renowned as a wealthy industrialist, but later remembered for his remark: “The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.”
It pays to follow the smart money, and some say you don’t get much smarter than the world’s central bankers. So
ClearGlass, a UK service provider, is keen to hear from family offices who want to learn more about hidden costs incurred by their asset managers, on top of standard fees
French philosopher Voltaire once said: “the spirit of property doubles a man’s strength”. For centuries this has been the case, as real estate values have bounced back from periods of debt and despair. To t
Technology is disrupting the global economy at increasing speed, undermining traditional ways of working and boosting tech-driven newcomers
Bjarne Graven Larsen, chairman of Danish family office Kirk Kapital, is preparing to launch a low-risk multi-strategy investment fund through his new firm, Qblue Capital, in the near future
Given that entrepreneurs pay close attention to the corporate bottom line to underpin their wealth Mike Faulkner is surprised that family offices do not hedge their operations more thoroughly
According to research by Credit Suisse, family-controlled businesses outperform over time by taking a long view of prospects, limiting their leverage and investing in their businesses
The love affair between family offices and venture capital shows no sign of waning, as technology continues to disrupt the corporate scene. “It’s going to keep going that way for a while. Ev
After disrupting an array of consumer sectors, technology is presenting active asset managers with an unprecedented challenge, as their equity funds go out of favour