Michael Foster

Fifty years ago, US economist Milton Friedman argued: “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits.”
Top-rated Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reid has warned an intergenerational divide will start electing governments with a socialist agenda by the end of the decade
The cryptocurrency market has been given a big boost by Fidelity Investments' decision to launch a bitcoin fund for family offices and other wealthy investors
Recruitment consultant Mark Somers, a Family Capital influencer, has urged family offices to grasp “the best opportunity since the credit crunch” to hire rare investment talent from private banks and ass…
Alan Schwartz, co-head of Trawalla Group, one of Australia’s larger family offices, has warned impact investing will not save the planet unless corporate profits are adjusted to take account of environmental c…
For generations, family offices have used sovereign bonds as an anchor for their investment portfolios, knowing they add to their resilience during hard times - when equities fall - thanks to the strength…
Smaller venture capital IPOs have dramatically outclassed blockbuster floats in the sector since 2008, partly thanks to a big boost from biotech, according to data provider PitchBook
The wealthy have become increasingly keen to develop a social purpose, as well as resources to look after future generations.  The process often takes years to discuss.
Universal Quantum of Brighton has emerged as the UK’s brightest hope in super-fast quantum computing after raising summer seed finance worth $4.5
It is hard to conjure up animal spirits from a wounded animal, but Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is doing his best
Cryptocurrencies have enjoyed their biggest July price performance in eight years, as dollar investors desperately sought a new refuge for their cash