Michael Foster

In a recent interview, Jess Lee, a partner at Sequoia Capital, the venture capital firm, recalled how two of its top executives dressed up as Toy Story characters to offer her a job
Family offices backing tech-driven venture capital opportunities are generating higher returns, at a faster rate, than at any time in history
Texas-based family office Hemisphere Ventures is one of the biggest investors in the commercial space sector, underlining the role private investment offices play in the burgeoning sector
At the start of May, Family Capital pointed out the world’s central banks have been steady buyers of gold over seven years. Follow the money was the message. Even after a subsequent 10.5
Ethical issues with wealth management run deeper than mixed performance and hidden costs, according to Amy Clarke, co-founder of Tribe Impact Capital, the UK’s first impact wealth manager.
Timing is all, when it comes to delivering an analysis of market sentiment, as you can discover from two surveys recently published by service providers Wealth-X and CapGemini
In the world of wealth, the ultimate accessory item is a private investment office, which brings status and order to family’s financial affairs. 
What you put into life is what you get out of it, according to Clint Eastwood, whose skill in movie deals helped make him one of Hollywood’s wealthier individuals, worth $375 million.
The indices have always been dumb and they are getting dumber. The big question is whether investors will be smart enough to spot the problem before it becomes a crisis
The family office led by Asian property billionaire Tang Shing-bor, nicknamed the Shop King, is backing plans to introduce Hong Kong to fractional ownership through tokenisation, the latest buzz word in…
European family offices try to build income built up in their glory years, to cover their outgoings, while striving to leave their inheritance to the next generation.  J.
For decades, active managers have tried to bend markets to their will by paying dear for tools, talent and client relations teams which strive to persuade clients to stay loyal when their funds fall below…