Smartphones and apps might be all the rage, but if it is longevity you are looking for, then the building blocks are a better bet: think semiconductors and steel. 

Giovanni Castiglioni, the head of the famous motorcycle company MV Agusta, has sold 25% of the business to Mercedes. In other news, the Koch brothers get spoofed, and Samsung is uravelling itself. 

Banks have a poor reputation these days for their short-termism and dodgy practices, but family banks are largely immune from such behaviour. We look at some of the best. 

Like investment banks before them, family offices have captured the imagination in this decade. But there is a wide variety of family offices, and few understand what they really do. 

The future of the Chiquita banana business is still up in the air, as a family-controlled conglomerate enters the chase.  

A PWC report says that they are giving less back to the community than they once did, but is that really true? 

You might think that having a family as the owner of a football club might make for stability and success. But that is not always the case, as this selection shows. 

It is often said that a small coterie of billionaire business dynasties have huge power in Hong Kong. But is it really true that they dominate the economy? And anyway, is that such a bad thing?

Rocket’s IPO, run by the three Samwer brothers, has a huge IPO. 

They rarely get enough recognition, but classic mid-market Mittelstand companies deserve to be championed.