Women are increasingly moving into the top positions in firms owned by families, meaning they are well-placed to reap the rewards of diversity.
Behavioural biases can lead to poor decision-making about successors in family businesses. But there are ways to overcome them.
The French luxury house says that 250 is the optimum size for a workshop. That is also the same size as the owning family, and the optimum human grouping.
Leadership style and communication are the keys to good family business culture, which in turn tend to lead to good successions, suggests new research.
The turmoil at the top of the family-controlled German car giant might suggest things are chaotic, but in fact the firm has exemplary management oversight - and has just had a lucky escape.
Conflicts are breaking out much more among the members of family-controlled companies when the patriarch dies
Much family businesses strategy is aimed at keeping firms going for ever. There are times when it is better to let them die with dignity.
Problems between the two sides of VW's controlling families are nothing new, but the latest crisis shows it is time for the old guard to step aside.
It may have been owned by a tangle of families that offends purists, but there is something to be said for the tyre company's complicated structure.
New research from St Gallen University shows that just 3.5% of next gens surveyed said that they wanted to join the family firm.
New rules say that Indian firms have to have at least one woman on the board. Many have failed to comply, and others have appointed family members. Does that matter?
Family businesses which focus on the founder's genius are more likely to be badly managed and stuck in their ways than ones which concentrate on joint family effort.