Irish oats firm Flavahan’s, now in its sixth generation of family control, manages to be both a solid employer for local people and a business with a huge international reach. 

The Norwegian shipping giant has often been rumoured to be the model for the fiendish Simpsons character. But it turns out the stories are false. 

The fifth-generation head of a 153-year-old maltster has transformed a quintessentially traditional business into a state-of-the-art one with a strong line in exports. 

Michele Ferrero, the man who turned his family confectionery business into a global giant, has died at the age of 89. We look at his extraordinary career. 

They are a special breed – able to work well with powerful families and grow the businesses they oversee

The Japanese spirits brands’ CEO talks, a Brazilian mogul’s tweet lands him in trouble, and other family business news of the week. 

When the daughter of the outdoor wear brand’s founder took over the business she decided to make it as sustainable as possible. The result is deeply impressive. 

If even the powerful matriarch of the L’Oreal dynasty can be preyed on it can happen to anybody. Families should make sure their succession plans involve the older generation. 

The sixth-generation watch-maker is angry about the effect of the Swiss franc’s appreciation on exporters, but still positive about his own niche brands. 

Peter Wallenberg, who died this week, will be remembered as the man who saved the family investment vehicle Investor AB, despite early doubts about his skills.