impact investing

Johan Andresen has crafted a template for the 21st century private investment office – and it’s pretty amazing

More heads of state, more limousines, and more lines to get your coat…but also a sense of rising responsibility. Johan Andresen, the chairman of one of the world’s biggest family investment groups, gives his views on Davos



These groups are the pioneers in a rapidly growing investment sector

The principal might have the vision, but that’s often not shared by the management…

Many family offices are committing more assets to the asset class

I have attended the World Economic Forum in Davos for 18 years – the latest one was like no other

Is it more than an investment fad for bored millennials drinking their mojito while partying at some beach club on Cape Cod?



The new style of giving might be tricky and time-consuming, but there is no need to despair. The good work done by early adopters will make it easier for those who come later.