Following a series of setbacks for venture capital, real estate has reasserted its position as top investment for family offices, where it comprises nearly 30% of US portfolios
Part One of the 100 Influencers - The Top Academics in the world of family enterprises as nominated by Family Capital's readers
Elon Musk is rarely out of the headlines, and he hit them big this week with his acquisition of a sizable stake in the social media platform Twitter


Family enterprises across the world are playing a big role in meeting growing demand for lithium batteries for electric vehicles
The world's biggest family businesses saw revenues and employee numbers fall in the latest Family Capital ranking of the top 750 in the world
Between 40% and 50% of fees charged by private banks to manage family office portfolios are hidden from their sight, says GreenLock, a Swiss-based cost analysis service


Real Estate Menashe Properties has acquired Stanford Place III, an office complex in Denver for an undisclosed amount
A London-based startup has received much-needed funds from a family office that will enable it to continue its growth efforts after suffering badly during the Covid-19 pandemic
The trend of single-family investment groups co-investing with others has gathered pace in recent years and is now becoming more sophisticated as they seek to raise their firepower to compete with institutional…

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Don’t get sucked into the recent rally of stocks on Wall Street. It’s little more than a forlorn hope – the weakest of bear market rallies. I
In 1920 the Economist JM Keynes wrote about the last days of La Belle Epoque, a war-free period of unprecedented globalization and economic growth that occurred in Europe from 1870 to 1914: “The inhabitant o…
For multiple generations, the Berolzheimer family has played a significant role in the pencil industry, through companies like the Berol Corporation and especially CalCedar
Sentiment has turned sour on emerging markets (EM). But it has now thrown up share price inefficiencies which are impossible to ignore