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According to a survey of more than 1,000 experts by Julius Baer’s newly-published Family Barometer: “More than half of families would likely get better results if they took a more structured approach.”
For some family offices, the allure of investing with a wide range of talented fund managers is less strong than simply doing direct deals and taking satisfaction from the fact
As much of the world economy enters a period of slower growth, even recession, family offices should prepare themselves for the consequences
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After 100 years in the diamond trade and a considerable financial war chest, one of Africa’s most storied business dynasties is reinventing itself.
SEC commissioner Caroline Crenshaw has warned that venture capital unicorns need to meet tougher disclosure standards, particularly during fund raisings
The threat remains serious, but cybercrime ransom payments fell 40.3% to $457 million during 2022 following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a new survey. 


Unspecified Rounds FO Holding has invested in INERATEC, an energy company. FO Holding was one of seven investors committing an undisclosed amount to the German group
Precision medicine is set to become the biggest beneficiary of the AI revolution, according to VC investor and family investment principal Jim Breyer
Canadian economist William White, who predicted the financial crisis of 2008, is warning of a dark future, as an era of plenty gives way to a future of shortages

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Family offices are changing the dynamic of the longevity of wealth, which will have consequences on how governments tax the very wealthy in the future
From virtually no online presence five years ago, many single-family offices now at least have a website. And some of these websites are indistinguishable from sophisticated institutional investment groups
Creative destruction, the concept put forward by many that should be at the heart of a dynamic economy, might sit uneasily within a multi-generational family enterprise
If there is one prominent theme in the world of family capital in the year ahead, then it is the dominance of the US