The FamCap 50 are the top investment individuals in the world of family capital. They are outstanding investors who make a difference to their businesses and the wider world
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Members of some of Europe's most prominent family business dynasties have invested in a novel new asset-class business designed to reverse environmental damage
The pulse of the German economy is taken almost daily - and it’s often depressing. Issues are piling up - high energy costs, skill shortages, crumbling infrastructure, and too much bureaucracy.
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The Nordic region is fast evolving into Europe’s powerhouse in terms of family and principal investment offices.
An Arizonia-based third-generation family business has received backing from a Texas-based family office whose Harvard-educated, transgender former marine is also taking on big oil
Alignment of interest between the principal of a family office and the non-family management team can sometimes be difficult to achieve


A Vienna-based family office owned by a discreet family who made their money in biotech has backed one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most successful quantum computing startups. 
The future of carbon offsets is hanging by a thread following a sharp fall in support from corporate sponsors and furious arguments over whether they are the right way to fight climate change at all
Several food-related deals are themes this week, and so too are AI-related investments, as the AI investment bubble grows. Unspecified Rounds Fortino Capital has invested in ProMark, a SaaS platform

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