The appetite for multi-family real estate investment deals is growing across the global family office community amid expectations that a rise in interest rates will be deferred by a renewed surge in Covid-19…
Capital sometimes moves in mysterious ways like this recent investment in a little known Berlin startup by some of the wealthiest families in Europe
Two storied shipping dynasties have invested in a food tech company making a protein through fermenting fungi used as a meat substitute, as family office investments in alternative food production continue…
Two high profile family groups have launched a company to back consumer goods businesses in Italy and have committed €300 million to make investments in the sector. 
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Crippled by the 2008 credit crisis and rescued by its Middle East clients, Barclays, the UK banking group, has reinvented itself
Family-owned Marshall Group of the UK is out to focus on its core interests by buying a car dealership, a month after spinning off tech investor Martlet Capital
Revolut co-founder sets up family office Nik Storonsky, the co-founder of fintech group, Revolut, has set up a family office, according to UK sources


The investment business of one of America’s most storied dynasties has developed a co-investment strategy that is gaining investor interest.
The current generation made the money.  The next generation hopes to save the planet. And Generation Z wants to hide away from it all. For them, the metaverse is becoming a new religion.
Unspecified Rounds Exor Seeds has invested in TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics company. Exor committed €70 million to the UK-based group. 


When you think about starting a family office or implementing a leadership change at your existing family office, the people you hire will determine to a large extent in what direction you go, and how…
A new family office model has emerged and it’s rapidly setting the scene for the sector in the 21st century. The new model is all about the latest technology and youthfulness.
Successful businesses navigate the choppy waters of economic storms, changes in technology, and the evolution of society and its developing needs.  Family businesses are no different.