Two New York City family offices are co-investing in a real estate deal worth more than $300 million
Souter Investments, the private equity-focused UK family office, has never been interested in backing digital space shots. But tech-driven applications, post-Covid, are quite another matter
Crippled by the 2008 credit crisis and rescued by its Middle East clients, Barclays, the UK banking group, has reinvented itself
Two high profile family groups have launched a company to back consumer goods businesses in Italy and have committed €300 million to make investments in the sector. 
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Arif Naqvi, founder and CEO of Abraaj Group, once preached the virtues of business as a force for good in the world
Demand for private jet ownership is running at historic levels, with available aircraft for sale currently less than 4% of the entire global fleet
Seba Bank, led by Guido Muehler, is the latest to illustrate the digital disruption currently sweeping across the Swiss banking sector. It’s also backed by family offices. 


Private Equity L Catterton has invested in Alliance Animal Health, a veterinary group
A tech-driven manufacturing venture called Stilride has raised seed capital from a string of wealthy Swedish investors to develop products using robots to bend metal into shape, using a similar approach…
When it comes to investing in private equity, there is no sign of the Peugeots, one of France’s best known industrial and automobile families, moving into reverse gear. In fact, quite the opposite. 

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Before my dad would let me borrow his car he insisted I first pass my driving test and take a course in basic car mechanics. The sort of get you home type of course
Now that family offices in Europe and Asia are looking to join our growing community of 100-plus US-based single-family offices, we thought it might be helpful to share the origin story of The Family Office…
Given the complexities and uncertainties of today’s world, it is vital that business owners remain not just one step ahead, but two or three steps ahead, and effectively plan for all eventualities. 
Family Capital has for some time believed innovations driven by entrepreneurs, many of them very rich, will solve fundamental problems like climate change, not governments or climate change activists