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Part One of the 100 Influencers - The Top Academics in the world of family enterprises as nominated by Family Capital's readers
Elon Musk is rarely out of the headlines, and he hit them big this week with his acquisition of a sizable stake in the social media platform Twitter


Last week a group of investment houses participated in a venture round for an electric car platform. Among the investors were groups linked to arguably one of the most powerful trans-Atlantic family dynasties
Company founder Chris Sier is planning to raise money for ClearGlass, a company which uses its database to help clients negotiate cuts in the fees they pay to asset managers
Boosted by the buying power of family offices, London has roared into life to become the second most expensive city for the rich, according to advisory firm Julius Baer


Henry Kravis, Justin Mateen and Anupam Mittal are among the wealthy investors who see a bright outcome for companies rewarding their clients for predicting the future
For family office investors, the digital assets space looked alluring a few months ago. Now investors need to come to terms with a very different outlook
Private Equity KCK has invested in Aerin Medical, a biotech group. KCK was one of four investors committing $60 million to the Californian-based group

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Sentiment has turned sour on emerging markets (EM). But it has now thrown up share price inefficiencies which are impossible to ignore
UBS has just produced its latest comprehensive global family office study. It’s full of in-depth analysis of investment, costs, and other trends in the family office world.
Family offices have seen their profile and influence skyrocket in recent years. As they become more visible and influential in public and private markets, they need to take control of their own narrative
“I don’t know anything about it, and I don’t want to know anything about it.”  This was the response I had from my mother when I tried to show her how to work a computer many years ago. I gave