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According to a survey of more than 1,000 experts by Julius Baer’s newly-published Family Barometer: “More than half of families would likely get better results if they took a more structured approach.”
For some family offices, the allure of investing with a wide range of talented fund managers is less strong than simply doing direct deals and taking satisfaction from the fact
As much of the world economy enters a period of slower growth, even recession, family offices should prepare themselves for the consequences
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Recruitment consultant Mark Somers believes in the power of family capital - to be more precise, family offices that use the right people to invest for the long term
Nearly three-quarters of US family businesses have failed to develop a fully-structured succession plan, according to an industry survey, despite the importance of smooth handovers
Family businesses with a company purpose connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are performing better than their peers, says a PwC report. 


As the tide goes out, family offices are fretting over their risk exposures, including investments in their own portfolios, which have failed to perform due to bad luck or flawed decisions
Active managers have lagged the index for years, often to the irritation of family office clients, who can now access an AI system which claims to have beaten both
Private Equity Issarts Capital has invested in Armen, a financial services group. Issarts was one of three investors committing an undisclosed amount to the Paris-based group

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For the second time in fifteen years, the global banking system is at risk due to modern financial engineering
You can make any rules you like, but a bank cannot keep 100% cash to pay out every depositor, should they decide to take their money out simultaneously while lending and investing simultaneously
Ten years ago, Family Capital was asked to write a story about China’s family office sector.
A 6.4% rise in the US consumer price index in January offers scant reason to cheer, even if it offered a marginal improvement on December’s 6.5%. We have now been at 5%-plus for 22 months.