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How families engage with their capital, including how they manage and deploy it, can have significant implications for family dynamics, cohesion and purpose
Germany’s revered automobile industry faces an existential threat with the news this week that Telsa is selling more EVs than the entire German car industry.
India is developing a tech-driven international hub for family offices capable of winning offshore business from Singapore and Dubai
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One of America's biggest ariel firefighting companies, which listed earlier this year, has appointed to its board a senior member of a prominent New York City-based family office owned by a US-Columbian…
A Califonian-based biotech group, which saw a sharp drop in its share price in the last 12 months, is being supported by the family office as it attempts to regain trust with investors
Dipika Patel, a third-generation hotelier and chairman of the Patel Family Office, based in Dallas, whose roots are in Manchester, England, sees big opportunities in the US sunbelt states as the country’s d…


Please refer back with links to new investment groups Unspecified Rounds Horizons Ventures has invested in ZeroAvia, a cleantech/aviation company
A start-up called Hethos is targeting family offices to raise seed capital worth $20 million to develop hydrogen mines, increasingly seen as a way to address the climate emergency
Family offices are increasing their focus on carbon capture deals, amid growing anxiety over climate change, as ESG funds and voluntary carbon go out of fashion

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The term “Nepo Baby” may be offensive to some, but it sheds light on an important issue for family businesses: the next generation of family members may not be capable or deserve to lead the family bus…
Utopia has often been the dream of the super-rich
Family businesses have mostly had an unsettled relationship with the private equity industry. Sometimes, that relationship can boil over to hate
Networking depends on the skills to make a positive first impression and then build a relationship from there