The Family Capital 450


The Family Capital 450 are the top family investment groups in the world.

They are pushing the boundaries of investment in areas like biotech, clean energy, tech startups, and impact investing, as well in other private markets and public markets as well. In fact, what these family groups are investing in are likely to be what institutional and retail investors will be investing in five to ten years time. They are ahead of the investment curve and increasingly hiring the best brains in the investment world to ensure they are best in class.

Through publicly available data and other sources, Family Capital estimates these groups to manage in excess of $2.2 trillion.

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Family Capital 450



Family Capital chose the 450 from more than 1,000 family investment groups. They were chosen because they are dynamic in their investment choices and are increasingly transparent about these choices. Many family offices weren’t included because they were deemed to be too private in their affairs and as such, it was difficult to track down deals they were involved in. All of the 450 were bona fide single-family offices, single-individual investment offices, or closed multi-family offices. None were looking to raise money from external entities, although many were involved in co-investing with other investors. No publicly listed family investment company has been included.

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  1. Our family is an organic beef production business in Queensland Australia. Seeking JV partner to shorten post farm gate supply chain, leverage technology and deliver to consumer via digital platforms.

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