News in Brief: Geneva family office goes after Nordic money


A new multi-family office in Geneva is targetting the assets of the Nordic region’s multi-millionaires through the contacts of one of its co-founders, Morten Kielland.

Launched last year as Key Family Partners, the wealth manager wants to attract those with at least CHF50 million in liquid assets, according to media reports. Swede Kielland – who co-launched Key with Hugues d’Annoux, a French aristocrat with links to Latin America – has strong connections to some of the Nordic region’s wealthiest individuals and families.  

Kielland, well known in hedge fund circles, set up a hedge fund with Norwegian billionaire financier and investor Endre Røsjø in 2009 called Scandinavian Investment Holding. 

That was after he sold his hedge fund, Key Asset Management, in a very well timed move, to the Swedish bank SEB in November 2007, one year before the financial crisis broke. The London-based fund of hedge funds group had SEK20 billion under management before it was bought by SEB. 

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