Family philanthropy takes centre stage with new book

A new book on philanthropy highlights the growing importance of giving in the 21st century and how best to go about it. 

Entitled Family Philanthropy Navigator, the book is a step-by-step guide for new and existing philanthropic families to initiate or enhance their philanthropic efforts.

Its authors say the book provides a practical and engaging tool that will enable families to get together to answer the core questions at the heart of any voyage in giving: why, what, who and how?

“The book is called the family philanthropy navigator as it aims to help families to engage in meaningful conversation about their wealth and explore their philanthropy as a family,” says Etienne Eichenberger, co-founder of philanthropy advisors WISE and co-author of the book. “In philanthropy, all the questions are known but our experience working with families for the last 15 years, shows us that some questions are more important than others. We want to help families to give smarter and better.”

Geneva-based Eichenberger wrote the book with Peter Vogel, professor of family business and entrepreneurship at IMD as well as holding the chair of family philanthropy at the Swiss business school, and Malgorzata Kurak, a postdoctoral research fellow at IMD. 

“We are three authors and we certainly come with different motivations but with the same purpose,” says Eichenberger. “As far as I am concerned, my experience as co-founder of WISE philanthropy advisors has shown me that, when well organized, philanthropy can play its part in building innovative and sustainable solutions for local or global challenges.” 

He added: “The navigator is not about promoting one-size-fits-all but eight important questions for those doing the giving to address. My wish is that this book will be an invitation to have meaningful conversations within families so that everyone can be empowered to give more, better and smarter.”


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