Partner Content: Navigating the hidden costs of aircraft ownership

Demand for private jet ownership is running at historic levels, with available aircraft for sale currently less than 4% of the entire global fleet. That compares with around 18% toward the end of 2009, just after the financial crisis, when business aircraft ownership fell off steeply.

However, something that’s rarely appreciated is that more than a third of the cost of owning an aircraft is maintenance. This is where JSSI comes in, providing exceptional maintenance support, financial and digital solutions, and advisory services to private jet owners and those who manage them. 

Francisco Zozaya, chief revenue officer at JSSI

JSSI’s hourly cost maintenance (HCM) programs are utilized by more than 2,000 business jets, turboprops, and helicopters worldwide, and over 3,000 aircraft owners and operators subscribe to its maintenance tracking software platforms. This gives the Chicago-based company unprecedented expertise and access to the private jet world, backed by an unrivalled global network of expert technical advisors.

“Effectively, we are an hourly cost maintenance provider for business aircraft, but we also provide a suite of complementary products and services connected to that ownership,” says Francisco Zozaya, chief revenue officer at JSSI. “And we support approximately 20% of the world’s business jet fleet with our suite of financial and digital services.”

Up to 35% of the cost of owning a private jet can be maintenance expenses, says Francisco. This, along with the huge demand globally for private jet ownership, has led to an upsurge for JSSI’s services. 

Passionate about providing transparency throughout the process of purchasing and operating an aircraft, JSSI provides four major services for business aircraft owners:

Maintenance Programs. The HCM program is at the core of JSSI’s expertise, and the company has established an industry-leading reputation since it was founded in 1989. The program is designed to stabilize aircraft maintenance budgets, enhance residual value, and most importantly, provide peace of mind for aircraft owners and those that manage that ownership. 

“The big question when it comes to aircraft ownership is always what’s the maintenance cost going to be?” says Francisco. “No one really knows. But JSSI is uniquely placed to provide the financial and digital tools to provide transparency and stability to such costs.

“Our pioneering HCM program stabilizes our customers’ aircraft operating costs and maintenance budget today and prepares them for scheduled and unscheduled events tomorrow.

“We have a team of more than 75 technical advisors with product line expertise strategically located around the world. They oversee all the maintenance events for our customers.” 

Parts and Leasing. JSSI has more than 45,000 aircraft parts in stock and available for immediate sale. “We support more than 10,000 aircraft maintenance events annually for JSSI customers across virtually every make and model of business jet, turboprop and helicopter,” says Francisco. 

The parts business is backed by dedicated product line representatives with more than 20 years of experience and a 24/7 global procurement team.

JSSI also provides engine and complete aircraft leasing services and specializes in Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce engines and auxiliary power unit (APU) rentals, with worldwide access to many other makes and models.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Following a series of strategic acquisitions, JSSI provides a suite of digital-first products to its customer base.

In 2021, JSSI acquired SierraTrax and Traxxall, two maintenance tracking companies that deliver intelligent solutions to manage aircraft maintenance, logbooks, records and regulatory compliance. By acquiring both organizations, JSSI can manage maintenance tracking for operators with only one aircraft, all the way up to those with large fleets.

Additionally, Conklin & de Decker, another subsidiary of JSSI, provides exceptionally detailed performance and operating cost guides to compare, evaluate and benchmark more than 500 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft.

JSSI can also provide comprehensive US state tax consulting for business aircraft operators across the country. 

Advisory Services. JSSI offers comprehensive advisory services for business aircraft owners and operators. This could involve anything from desktop or on-site appraisals by JSSI’s team of American Society of Appraisers (ASA)-accredited appraisers to technical advice, maintenance event management and aircraft inspections. 

All this is powered by decades of independent maintenance data, experience, and technical expertise on virtually every business jet, turboprop, and helicopter make and model.

All of JSSI’s services are provided entirely independently. “We don’t have a preference for any aircraft type, we don’t make aircraft parts, nor do we own maintenance facilities,” says Francisco. “Our interests are always aligned with our customers.”

Customer commitment, combined with JSSI’s unrivalled expertise and access to the private jet market, makes it the logical choice for private jet owners and those that manage this ownership.

For more information, please get in touch via JSSI’s website: 


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