Family Capital’s 100 Influencers – Consultants

Part Two of the 100 Influencers 

The Top Consultants in the world of family enterprises as nominated by Family Capital’s readers.

In Alphabetical  Order

Francesca Ambrosini 

Family Business Clients Manager, PwC, London, UK

Ambrosini has played much more than a supportive role in developing the family enterprise businesses for PwC and previously at EY, as any linked to the sector can testify. Her Italian heritage has helped Ambrosini’s respect among the family business community, and she has developed an excellent reputation among the worldwide community. One nominator said: “Francesca is always a breath of fresh air in the sector and has an excellent understanding of the family business community – she is a real boon for the groups she has worked for.” 

Nike Anani

Founder, Nike Anani Practice, and co-founder, African Family Firms, Lago, Nigeria

A second appearance on Family Capital’s Influencers, Anani continues to grow her reputation as an exponent and expert on family businesses, particularly concerning Africa. Not only that, Anani has been a great champion of women within the sector. She is also a believer in the importance of diversity to ensure the success of family enterprises in the future. One nominator said: “Passionate, with young and focused energy, Nike has helped tremendously to raise the profile of African family businesses.” 

Paul Andrews

Managing Director, Family Business United, London, UK

Andrews continues to be a great champion of family businesses in the UK with his Family Business United brand. He supported family firms with free resources, insights, and campaigns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. One nominator said: “He thoroughly deserves inclusion in the top 100 for the fantastic work. He is a real family business influencer.”

Joe Astrachan

Founder, Generation6, USAConsidered one of the greats in the family business academic world with numerous accolades, awards, and published books behind him, Astrachan is now largely retired from full-time academic work. But he very much remains central to the sector, having, with his colleagues Andrew Keyt and Greg McCann, set up a consultancy practice for family businesses – Generation6 – in 2021. He also sits on numerous boards of family businesses, ensuring he remains firmly committed to the sector. A nominator said: “One of the most prominent faces in our field who’s been contributing for over 30 years.”


Josh Baron 

Co-founder and Partner at BanyanGlobal, Boston, USA 

Baron co-founded BanyanGlobal, one of the top advisory groups to family enterprises in the US and has since established a widely respected reputation in the sector. Linked to his academic work with various guest professorships, Baron is also an author of numerous books; most recently, he co-authored the Havard Business Review Family Business Handbook. As one nominator said: “He’s undoubtedly an influencer – as a sought after speaker, writer, academic on the sector.” 

Alexis du Roy de Blicquy

CEO, Family Business Network International, Lausanne, Switzerland

After 10 years at the top of the world’s preeminent membership group for family businesses, de Blicquy remains a solid pair of hands, steering the Network through the difficult Covid-19 pandemic years adeptly. In addition, he has continued to successfully focus on growing the Network’s membership across the world, particularly in Asia and central Europe. One nominator said: “Alexis remains a great stabilising force at the FBN. His collaborative approach to building the membership and working with other groups has been a real force for good in the sector.” 

Peter Englisch

Global Family Business and EMEA Entrepreneurial and Private Business Leader, Partner, PwC, Germany

Arguably the grandmaster of the family enterprise world among the Big Four professional services groups, Englisch continues to have real heft in the sector. He has created an ecosystem of support and advice for family enterprises worldwide, acknowledged as excellent by many in the industry. As one nominator said: “He constantly challenges the status quo and conventional wisdom of family business dynamics and long term value creation. He identifies the most important ‘blind spots’ and trends and puts together the right networks and resources to help clients close gaps in their effectiveness.”

Judy Green

President, FFI – Family Firm Institute, Boston, USA

Green has now entered her 30th year as president of the Boston-based Family Firm Institute, which is essentially the world’s preeminent education body for the family enterprise advisory community through her efforts. Under her direction, the FFI’s membership has grown enormously. In addition, it now extends across the world, which has significantly added to the sector’s professionalism. One nominator said: “Judy’s efforts at FFI are truly amazing and inspirational. She deserves a special award herself in recognition of her contribution to the family business sector.” 

Andrew Keyt

Founder and CEO, Generation6, USA

Keyt is among a handful of academics who’ve successfully transitioned to the consultancy world, where he has further established his reputation as a leading specialist in the family enterprise world. As part of those efforts, last year, Keyt, Greg McCann and Joe Astrachan set up Generation6, a family business consulting group. The consultancy assists families in business to “make it to the sixth generation and beyond”. One nominator said: “Few in the sector have first-hand experience of family businesses like Keyt, nor do they have his academic prowess.”

Peter Leach

Founder, Peter Leach Associates, London, UK 

Leach’s reputation in the family enterprise world has been built over many years of high-level advisory work for the sector. After selling his consultancy business, Peter Leach & Partners, to Deloitte in 2014, Leach is back, running his consultancy practice through the highly respected Peter Leach Associates. One nominator said: “Peter is the consummate professional and knows the family enterprise sector better than almost anyone.” 


Paul McKibbin 

EY Private Family Office Advisory Services Managing Director, Philadelphia, USA

One of the few at the Big Four professional services who have developed genuine respect among the family office community, McKibbin is a big influencer in the sector. Not only that, McKibben’s entrepreneurial zeal has seen him set up several businesses to better engage with the family enterprise world, including Shaking the Tree, a not-for-profit group helping to better engage with wealthy families. One nominator said: “He is known for his collaborative approach in the sector that has earned him deep respect among family offices.” 

Stephen Martiros

Founder, Martiros Strategies, Boston, USA 

Martiros is one of the top family office advisors in the US, having worked with the principals and senior management of many billion-dollar-plus investment offices. Previously, he helped build up America’s most extensive private Network of single-family offices as the managing partner of CCC Alliance. He was also the co-founder and chair of the prestigious Babson Institute of Family Entrepreneurship advisory board. One nominator said: “Martiros has a depth and breadth of understanding of the family enterprise sector second to none.”

Lise Møller 

Director of Family Enterprise and Private Clients Services at EY, Oslo, Norway

Møller recently moved to EY, where she is helping to grow the professional services group’s engagement with family enterprises across the Nordic region. That will be a position that she will undoubtedly thrive in, given her years of experience at two of the world’s top business schools – IMD and INSEAD – where she played a crucial role in developing these schools’ world-renowned family business programs. One nominator said: “Lise has a real breadth of knowledge and experience in the sector – and will contribute much in her new role at EY.” 

Angelo Robles

Founder and CEO, Family Office Association, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Robles’s enthusiasm in the family office world, particularly in the US, is well known. He continues to host numerous events helping the sector better understand new investment themes like cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and Non-fungible tokens. His Family Office Association has broad appeal among family offices, and Robles continues to grow its membership. One nominator said: “Robles’s events are always interesting and delivered with enthusiasm, which helps him to continue successfully engage with family offices.”  

Maria Silvia Sacchi

Journalist, Corriere della Sera, Milan, Italy

A journalist with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Sacchi has done a great job of developing perhaps one of the most accomplished family business events in the sector, the Family Business Festival in Italy. Her journalism has also helped the Italian public better understand and appreciate the family business world. As one nominator said: “Sacchi’s development of the Family Business Festival has been great for the sector. But, given we compete in this area, I’m also deeply jealous of what she’s done.” 

Leopold von Schlenk-Barnsdorf

Expert and program manager for family businesses at UnternehmerTUM, Munich, Germany

In recent years, one of the next generation of family enterprise influencers who’ve made their mark, von Schlenk-Bernsdorf, finished his PhD in the family business sector at Universität Witten/Herdecke in 2020. He has since promoted the growing nexus between family businesses and the venture world at UnternehmerTUM in Munich. One nominator said: “Leopold has established himself as one of the leading innovations for family business entrepreneurs in Germany, working closely with over 50 leading German family businesses.” 

Marc Sharpe 

Founder, The Family Office Association, Houston, USA

Sharpe as founder and chairman of The Family Office Association, has built up an impressive network of family offices in the US and across the globe. Having worked in finance, including for several family offices, before setting up The FOA, Sharpe has a clear understanding of the investment needs of members. Still, he also brings strategic and managerial knowledge to the offering. One nominator said: “Sharpe has created one of the few top-level membership groups for family offices that has made a difference in the sector’s professionalism.”

Molly Simmons

Founder, McFarland Partners, Minneapolis, USA

Simmons runs the much-respected consultancy group McFarland Partners, among the US’s top advisory groups to family offices. Her holistic approach emphasises family alignment as well as investment expertise. One nominator said: “Simons brings specific and diverse knowledge to the family enterprise sector, that, coupled with her great collaboration skills, makes her one of the top in her field.”

Robert (Bobby) Stover, Jr., Dallas, USA

EY Americas Family Enterprise and Family Office Leader

Proven loyalty to the family enterprise sector, Bobby Stover is one of a handful of top deeply experienced experts in the field at the Big Four professional services organisations. Stover has also been an inspiration to many younger advisors in the sector. As one nominator said: “Stover demonstrates exceptional family enterprise client-facing leadership and commitment to coaching and developing the next generation of family enterprise advisors.”

Edouard Thijssen 

CEO and co-founder of Trusted Family, Brussels, Belgium 

Thijssen’s expertise in the family enterprise world is well respected. He has done an exceptional job of building a community in the sector with Trusted Family, the intranet technology platform he set up in 2007. And being a next-generation member of a family business gives him first-hand insights into the demands and pressures of a family enterprise. One nominator said: “Edouard has tremendous enthusiasm and energy, which has enabled him to build a dynamic platform at Trusted Family.” 

Daniel Trimarchi

Director, Family Business Advisory Services and Director of KPMG, Toronto, Canada

Trimarchi is an acknowledged pro in family business governance and next-gen expertise. And talking about the next gen, many see him as increasingly the future face of top family enterprise advisors at the Big Four. One nominator said: “As one of the younger advisors in the field, Trimarchi has a unique mix of youth and experience that brings a different perspective. He is also an acknowledged active member of the family business community.”

Marta Widz 

Director, Family Office Research, Wealth Management Institute, Singapore 

Widely respected for her work in the family business and family office world, Marta Widz is now among the experts helping to grow Singapore as a flourishing centre for family offices. Among her many talents connected to the sector, Widz, who gained a PhD from the Centre for Family Business at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, has also been a judge for IMD’s prestigious annual global family business award. Those nominating Widz say she has made a significant impact in family enterprises across Europe, America and Asia.

Bill Woodson

Head of Strategic Wealth Advisory and Family Enterprise Services for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Woodson’s knowledge and energy in the family office world were further confirmed recently with the publication of The Family Office: A Comprehensive Guide for Advisers, Practitioners, and Students, which he co-authored with Edward Marshall. Long associated with family offices, Woodson is a seasoned pro regarding contacts, knowledge and expertise in the sector. One nominator said: “Bill’s Rolodex is among the finest in the family office world, and he’s built that through hard work and gaining wide-ranging respect in the sector.”


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