Family Capital’s Venture Capital Research – Survey

The link between the family offices and the venture world is greater than ever. In the years ahead, that link will increase as family offices embrace venture investing more than ever. 

To help better understand the link between the two, Family Capital is conducting a major survey on the interaction between family offices and the venture world.


We are asking our family/principal investment office readers to complete a survey on their engagement with the sector. The survey will provide unprecedented insights into how family offices work with venture capital and startups. 

Beyond more direct engagement between the two, Family Capital is also looking to understand better how family offices view and work with the secondaries market for venture funds and direct investments. 

Secondaries investments in venture have gathered pace and will do so even more as the economic cycle in most economies slows down. So it is vital to understand better how the family offices view this important market. 

We understand that family office managers have many competing pressures on their time, but Family Capital would appreciate the effort to fill in the survey. The survey questionnaire can be found here. 

Also, all survey participants will be invited to a one-off pre-launch event of the findings of the report in late October in London. Participants can attend in person or remotely through live streaming of the event. All participants will also get an advanced copy of the report before being distributed publicly. 

Please get in touch with any questions about the survey and research at   



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