Family Offices and Venture – Report from Family Capital and Octopus Investments

Despite tougher economic conditions, family offices continue to embrace venture investing, with many saying they will increase their investment in the asset class in the future, according to a new report. 

Family Capital and Octopus Investments have produced a major new report on the interaction between family offices and the venture sector, which shows a lasting and strong relationship. The 33-page report, which surveyed the opinions of more than 80 single-family offices worldwide and used the FamCap Analytics database, showed family offices are actually increasing their commitment to the venture sector – both in terms of funds and directly. 

Key findings included: 

  • In 2022, despite an economic slowdown in most of the major economies, 58% of family offices increased venture allocations, and only 18% reduced them
  • 16% of all deals – both direct and in funds – were done by family offices in 2021
  • Family offices allocated – both indirectly and directly –  as much as 26% of their portfolios to venture capital
  • 82% of family offices said life sciences were among their top choices for venture investing
  • Cryptocurrencies are the least favoured investment option
  • More than half of family offices saw seed stage as the most popular category of venture investing
  • European family offices are particularly driving venture investing in their home markets
  • 35% of family offices had explored the secondary market for venture investing
  • 63% of family offices allocate between $50,000 to $1 million to direct deals, but allocate more to funds
  • North America was viewed as the most popular place to invest when it comes to venture, followed by Europe

The report includes case studies and is the most in-depth analysis of the relationship between family offices and the venture sector. 

To download a copy of the report, please click here


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