Chipo Muwowo

Analytics users, all links will be updated within 24 hours Post-IPO Funding Seico Investments and Laine Capital have invested in NoHo Partners, a restaurant group
Private Equity Todd Boehly, through a consortium that likely includes his investment and holding group, Eldridge, has bought a controlling stake in Chelsea Football Club
The owners of three investment offices have joined a $100 million funding round for an on-demand manufacturing platform
Real Estate Spanish multi-billionaire Amancio Ortega, likely through his investment office, Pontegadea Investments, has paid £200 million to purchase a prime office block in Glasgow, Scotland.
Unspecified Rounds Andenes Investments, Stenshagen Invest, and two other funders have invested in Dr.Dropin, a private healthcare provider. Together, they have committed €19.2
With a liquidity event after the sale of a real estate business, the next-generation family members have recently launched an investment office focused on impact, but also potential unicorn-valued mainstream…
SPAC Groupe Artemis has backed a SPAC that is merging with French music-streaming service Deezer. Artemis together with other investors are committing $135 million for the Paris-listed SPAC, I2PO.
Post-IPO Funding Athos Service has invested in biopharma group Formycon. More details here. Private Equity Godrej Family Office and Burman Family Holdings have invested in Isprava, a real estate agency
A gaming billionaire has launched a new impact investment office with a head office in London that is targeting environmental investments
Post-IPO Funding Elon Musk, likely acting through his investment office Excession, has invested in Twitter. More details here. Damgaard Company has invested in OrderYoyo, an online food ordering startup
Arif Naqvi, founder and CEO of Abraaj Group, once preached the virtues of business as a force for good in the world